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For Rewards Campaigns, Influencers are a Slam Dunk


Sports have always inspired us, providing entertainment and excitement, and showing us incredible achievements. Think of Kylian Mbappé’s appointment with history: his incredible explosiveness, his technique, his intelligence, his candor and especially his talent, which even he doesn’t seem to know the limits of. Or for football fans, Tom Brady, who—at 44 years old—simply won’t retire.

Ali, Jordan, Woods, Ronaldo, Bolt, Williams, Ortiz—these are names that have garnered loyalty and admiration from cheering crowds, and legions of fans at home.

And their reach stretches well beyond the pitch, the court, and the diamond.


These super star athletes hold our attention, not just because of their accomplishments, but because of the stories they represent: overcoming obstacles, achieving success, beating the odds. It’s why businesses trust them to sell cologne and clothing, electronics and everything else.

Influencers across industries drive us to do what they associate themselves with because we’re inspired by their values, and their victories.

This is what makes them the perfect spokespeople for incentive campaigns.


Coached by the champs

For businesses looking to inspire engagement or performance from customers and team members, influencers are a powerful investment. With their clout and cultural sway, they can motivate incentive campaign participants far more than a simple email would. Sure, none of us are likely to get Michael Jordan to give us pointers on our jump shot or Robert DeNiro to help us prep for an audition, but having someone like Jordan or DeNiro provide a video for an incentive program can excite all those involved.

The same way that major organizations have used influential names and faces to sell products, you can use influencers to inspire participation, to drive sales numbers, and to build an association between the passion inspired by their image and your brand.

Incentivisation requires inspiration

Regardless of whether you’re running challenge, loyalty, or referral programs, the success of an incentive campaign boils down to inspiring your participants. While many rely only on the rewards themselves to do that, more dynamic, more personalized engagement is a more effective approach.

By leveraging the inspirational reputation of influencers—like athletes or artists—you can create outreach content that connects your program and your brand to the aspirations of all those participating in your campaign. That way, they don’t just feel like they’re working to meet your goals, but striving towards theirs as well.

The power of social in incentive programs

It’s essential to design campaigns that inspire and connect with your target audience, and the power of influencers is one of the best ways to do so. tooodooo’s platform allows enterprises to connect with influencers and automatically deploy pre-validated quotes and content at different stages of a campaign to maximize motivation. By creating a dynamic and ongoing campaign that leverages the inspirations of participants, businesses are in a better position to encourage engagement.

You need to speak to your participants to build loyalty or inspire hard work; that’s the power of social media. And what better way to speak to them, than through their heroes.